The Disciplinary Commission reviewed 5 cases with initial review

02 August 2017

Pristina, 02.08.2017 - The KBA Disciplinary Office held the session of the KBA Disciplinary Committee with initial review. Attending the Disciplinary College were:

  • Xhelal Hasani - Chairperson / Member of the Disciplinary Committee
  • Muhamet Humolli - Chairperson / Member of the Disciplinary Commission
  • Shpetim Sadiku - Chairperson / Member of the Disciplinary Commission
  • Ajeti - Administrator of the KBA Disciplinary Bureau - Processor.

On the occasion of the meeting of the KBA Disciplinary Committee, at the initial review (5) cases were reviewed, the commission made the following decision:

  • (2) cases, Disciplinary Procedure is being developed
  • (1) cases, no Disciplinary Procedure is being conducted
  • (1) cases, disciplinary proceedings are suspended due to incompetence of the Disciplinary Commission
  • (1) cases shall be returned to the KCA Disciplinary Counsel for completion


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