The supervisory council


The Supervisory Council

Article 88

1) Members of the Supervisory Council are appointed by the Assembly of the KBA.

2) The Supervisory Council consists of five members. Chairman of the Supervisory Council is elected by the members of the Board.

Article 89

1) Based on the proposal of the Managing Board or 1/3 of the members of the Assembly, the Assembly has the right to dismiss any member of the Supervisory Council, even before his/her term expires, if verified that he/she did not perform the task correctly and professionally.

2) The decision of the Assembly is final.

Article 90

1) The Supervisory Council is obliged to examine the financial affairs of the KBA at least once a year.

2) The Supervisory Council prepares a report about its activity and submits it to the Assembly of KBA for approval.

Article 91

KBA bodies that govern the financial issues of KBA (Managing Board and President of KBA), are obliged to present all documents requested by the Supervisory Council.

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