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Competencies and organization of the Training Center

The Training Center within the Kosova Bar Association was founded with the purpose of supporting the establishment of a sustainable system for continuous capacity building of Lawyers, Advocacy Interns and the legal community in Kosovo, in line with the standards and practices of the most developed countries.

The vital role of training the Lawyers and Advocacy Interns is to improve professional skills and improving the knowledge base so that each of them can contribute optimally to achieving their goals in exercising their activities.

Among the core competencies of the Training Center are: organization of compulsory training for Lawyers (CCLE), organization of the specialization process for Lawyers, ethics exam for Lawyers, training for candidates who will undergo the Bar Examination, comprehensive training program for interns, mentoring program for female students, eligibility exam for foreign lawyers, training for trainers, and researches and publications from various fields of interest to the beneficiaries of the professional activities of the Kosova Bar Association.

The Training Center is managed by the Board of Directors of the TC, which consists of;

  • Visar Morina, professor at the University of Prishtina - Chairman
  • Destan Rukiqi, lawyer in Pristina
  • Ramë Gashi, lawyer in Pristina
  • Albert Islami, lawyer in Pristina
  • LAvdim Krasniqi, KJI


The regular daily activities of the Training Center are carried out by the Training Center Coordinator.

The Coordinator of the Training Center is Albulena Ukimeri - E-mail:

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