Eligibility Exam for Foreign Lawyers

A foreign lawyer who has earned the right to practice the profession of a lawyer in their home country, may practice the profession of a lawyer in the Republic of Kosovo under the conditions prescribed by the Law on the Bar and other acts of the Kosova Bar Association.

Kosova Bar Association keeps a register of foreign lawyers which contains the same information as the register for local lawyers, as well as the information about registration from the relevant authority of the country where the lawyer is licensed and the information regarding the Eligibility Exam (EE).

The eligibility exam is organized only upon request submitted by foreign lawyers, which should be in accordance with the Regulation on Licensing of Foreign Lawyers.

The Eligibility Exam for Foreign Lawyers includes the testing of basic knowledge on:

  • Kosovo's legal system,
  • Rules and procedures under which the represented case is handled, and
  • Code of Ethics and disciplinary system of KBA,

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